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Greater of cooperation with the customer

Economic volatility, technology disruptions, tougher market competitions, as well as stringent governance, risk, and compliance requirements are driving companies to shift their paradigm on risk management. While achieving compliance is mandatory, the leaders have realized that properly managed risk can impact the bottom line.

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Attractive form of presentation to risk

Effective governance, risk, and compliance practices enable businesses to make better informed decisions about the challenges and risks they want to take on, and how the resources should be managed to maximize impact. However, they will need a comprehensive and sustainable approach to risk

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Optimizing the cost of infrastructure installation

We understand that harnessing the benefits of risk management should consider not only process, but also people and technology. That is why we built a wide range of risk service offering that brings together those perspectives. From simple compliance solutions such as ISO 27001 compliance to time-sensitive solutions such as cybersecurity review and counter audit services.

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Competitive Advantage

At Altha, we believe that transforming risk into not only compliance, but also results would need a comprehensive, multifaceted approach. We start with simple and quick solutions to support your immediate requirements for compliance, and expand our breadth and depth of future solutions through understanding of your situation and needs.



We define a new DNA of the new Risk aspects from business point of view has to offer
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Nowadays, companies are faced with mounting challenges and risks as a result of increased market competition, continuous technological advancement and changes to the regulatory environment.

We provide risk management consulting services that are relevant and focused on our client’s specific requirements, and customised based on clients’ needs and business nature. We help our clients identify and minimise their risks while simultaneously achieve strategic goals by improving business processes and operational efficiencies, and enhancing corporate governance.

Our risk advisory team at altha consists of qualified and experienced professionals and comes with strong background in relevant commercial experience.

All these factors affect business survival and success, at the same time, make managing risk and maintaining good corporate governance more complicated and important.

We assist clients to assess, design and implement IT governance to be aligned with the business goals and vision, improve the decision making and investment management process for IT, and establish effective resource management. We will tailor the solution according to client's specific requirements based on applicable framework (COBIT, ITIL or ISO), as well as the most appropriate tracking system to monitor the governance implementation.

To ensure clients fully benefited from ERP implementation, we help fine tune ERP configuration via post implementation review which reviewing the integrity of application's configuration and assess control from perspective of financial and operational risk. We also measure the overall success of implementation and identify any improvement to be applied in the ERP.

We assist clients assess and review infrastructure integrity with the purpose of deliver the best recommendation to improve security of IT environment.

As growing demand of Good Corporate Governance, Governance, Risk Management & Compliance (GRC) tool is mandatory to ensure the effectiveness of process. We help our client to prepare the procedure and process, select the appropriate tool and implementing it.

As part of GRC, we also help selecting appropriate audit tools according to client’s Internal Audit specifications or requirements. The underlying objective of audit tools is to make efficient and effective use of Internal Audit's work.

We assist clients to enhance security through user access assignment review on ERP and cleanse the access violation including excessive and segregation of duties. This will help clients to verify and validate every access to systems already appropriate according to roles and responsibilities.

We assist clients reinforce IT controls to mitigate risks and improve IT internal controls to support business goals.

We assist clients assess and prepare their readiness for Information Security Management System (ISMS) / Sistem Manajemen Keamanan Informasi (SMKI) certification according to ISO 27001 standard, regulations and best practices.

We also provide support during the transformation process of security enhancement to meet the requirement of SMKI using proven methodologies to design and implement solutions.

We assist clients assess, review and help prepare the current BCP capability including testing it with real world scenario to respond to various significant business disruptions.

As BCP extension, we also help clients design IT continuity strategy and procedures in the form of Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) to maintain IT services in the event of disaster.

We assist clients develop and implement strategic enterprise risk management and help client to manage and mitigate risk appropriately across the enterprise. Enterprise risk management is important to facilitate better visibility, increase operational efficiency and reducing financial or operational risk by enhancing control.

We assist clients assess, design, and implement a robust and effective IT risk management programs to empower their management of IT risk with a single and centralized governance. Resulting on improved visibility and control of IT risk.


People with industry-leading credentials

Our team has the knowledge and experience from industry-leading risk consulting firms, delivering the right insight and quality of work.


Wide range of services, tailored to fit the occasion

Our service can suit both quick-response concentrated scope and comprehensive reengineering of your risk management.


Taking people element into account

People and change management aspect are critical to successful risk management. This is why we incorporate this aspect in our approaches


Audit familiarity

Our credentials include audit engagements as both auditors and auditees. These perspective bring us a step ahead in responding to audit needs.