Technology Design

The fast-paced technology growth revolution has disrupted how we do businesses worldwide. Businesses that previously were in the IT “culture shock”, are now facing these exciting challenges head on. As such, adaptability and responsiveness to IT are now a critical and fundamental part of companies striving to lead the competition.

Reversible Project Management

Industry and market leaders have proven that they can stay ahead of the competition by continuously improve technology offering, transform IT strategy, and drive process through technology. However, a proper strategy and management is crucial to identify, deploy, monitor, and control multiple parallel IT initiatives and projects.

Implementation Plan

At Altha, we help design IT transformations through service offerings tailored to reinvent your application portfolio and safeguard project executions that align with business expectations. We believe that we can help drive growth in your business by combining our business and industry insights with innovative technology.



We define a new DNA of the new Businesses aspects from technology point of view has to offer
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Today, information technology, in particular, information security, plays a pivotal role not only as a "business enabler" but also as a "compliance enabler". IT and security organisations have both been on the front lines for compliance efforts and are now being asked to play two pivotal roles: first, to provide a secure, well-controlled IT environment to improve business performance and second, to assist the organization in strategically and tactically addressing its governance, risk and compliance requirements.

Our focus is to help you achieve your business objectives and understand and manage the impact of IT risks on your business so that your intangible assets (brand & IP) are protected and your customers, suppliers, and regulators trust your business.

We help clients to uncover and resolve program risks to improve the execution performance, build confidence and increase likelihood of successful outcomes on critical transformation programs.

Performing a gate review on each key implementation phase by providing recommendations on deliverables and steps conducted throughout the SDLC phases. Evaluate risks along project life-cycle and provide mitigation recommendations. Ensure projects are aligned with business and IT strategies. Reviewing whether the business case will be able to deliver the desired results. Provide recommendation regarding project priorities and next action plan.

We combine deep understanding of industry sectors with deep IT and operations competencies to develop IT strategies and master plan and roadmaps that support our clients’ transformation agendas and deliver the desired business outcomes.

Our team will work with IT and operations leadership to design a master plan of future operating model and roadmap which outlining the short, medium and long term initiatives required to get you there as well as the organizational, reporting and risk management changes necessary to implement strategy.

We help clients addressing enterprise and business unit wide problems through the design of enterprise architecture and operating models that encompass multiple business capabilities and information systems. The enterprise architecture maps out the processes, metrics, applications, information, integration, infrastructure and security components needed to deliver a business vision.

We help clients to ensure careful steps have been taken to ensure that the organization has correctly choose a solution that not only satisfies current needs but also supports future growth.

We work with clients to decide on strategic matter as in Requirements Analysis where we will identify business requirements from both a functional and technical perspective. We also help clients in RFP development and vendor selection where we will perform market scan to identify, evaluate and short-list vendors for the proposed enterprise systems implementation. Further assist the client to develop RFP development and facilitate vendor evaluation to support management’s decision making process.

Before you become too entranced with gorgeous gadgets and mesmerizing video displays, let me remind you that information is not knowledge, knowledge is not wisdom, and wisdom is not foresight. Each grows out of the other, and we need them all

by Arthur C. Clarke


We are the complete and valuable advisor that can ensure your business portfolio.
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Our solutions are always tailored to suit your industry, enabling us to address the right priorities that are unique to your business.

Our team has the knowledge and experience from industry-leading technology consulting firms, delivering the right insight and quality of work.

Our technical experience in safeguarding IT programs and projects provide additional perspective in identifying solutions that can actually be done

People and change management aspect are fundamental to successful IT projects. This is why we incorporate this aspect in our approaches.

Our service can suit both quick-response concentrated scope and comprehensive reengineering of your risk management.

Our understanding of business perspective are reflected in our methods and mindset, helping you bridge strategies to execution.